designed for
skydoor comprehensive virtual window experience with ceiling extraction and daylighting
click to see how it works daylight panels diffusing light beams provide a natural ambient lighting
click to see how it works environment alternatives the environment alternatives can easily be replaced to create spacious kitchen experience through natural shadows and reflections.
slide-down high performance ensured by the innovative integrated guided full surface extraction system wavy seamless architectural integration curvedge maximum balance and safety with seamless design flow-in seamless integration of cooktop and range hood skydoor comprehensive virtual window experience with ceiling extraction and daylighting
tothepoint revolutionary zone focused extraction technology with intuitive interaction
pop-out a new dimension in product experience: intuitive interaction through form
lift-up maximum performance thanks to the revolutionary focused extraction system
overall hi-performance through quadruple extraction and illumination
sidelighted seamless peripheral lighting panels with hi-performance extraction lightbox self-illuminated inner body with hi-performance extraction blackhole aerodynamic sidewalls providing hi-performance and ease of cleaning capture retractable range hood seamlessly integrated into cooktop with task lighting
retro-line classic but modern
sense-porter creating virtual window experience that can be opened to wherever you want by enriching sensual experience
optical minimalistic visual design language with ease of use
on-draft groundbreaking hood category: the first countertop hood of the world
meyva is a fruit preserving system, that keeps fruits in photosynthesis phase by using blue led technology splash food washer and sanitizer that provides food safety and saves time in the kitchen
stepbystep an interaction model which hides out excessive interface elements, simplifies the use and guides user from begining to the end
breathe a living kitchen ventilation system which brings the outdoor air quality and pleasure of outdoor mealtimes into the kitchen by air ionizing technology and outdoor ambient lighting